Samsr NEMA 24 2n.m Closed Loop Stepper Motor Kit NEMA 5A 24 Stepper Motor CNC Hybrid Kit SS2402A50F1000+MS-2806

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Samsr NEMA 24 2n.m Closed Loop Stepper Motor Kit NEMA 5A 24 Stepper Motor CNC Hybrid Kit SS2402A50F1000+MS-2806
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Technische Daten
Warranty: 12 months
Model Number: SS2402A50F1000+MS-2806
Phase: 2
Type: Hybrid
Current / Phase: DC 5.0A/Phase
Product name: Samsr integrated closed loop stepper motor
Rated current: 5.0VDC
Resistance: 0.33 Ohm
Inductance: 1.22mH
Rotor Inertia: 490g.cm2
Number of lead: 4
Motor length: 69mm
Encoder length: 21.8mm
Shaft Diameter: 8.0mm
Weight: 1.1kgs
Zertifizierung: ce, ISO, RoHS
Zertifizierung: ce, ISO, RoHS
Model Number: SS2402A50F1000+MS-2806
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Packaging Details: Exported Box+Anti-drop bubble

Samsr nema 24 2n.m closed loop stepper motor kit hybrid 5A nema 24 stepper motor kit for cnc





Supply voltage


Motor+Encoder size


Shaft diameter

8 mm

Shaft extension

Flat key(0.5*25mm)

Shaft length




Product Detail


Step angle:1.8°

No of phases: 2

Rated voltage:3.2V

Rated current: 5.0A

Resistance: 0.33 ohm (AT 25°C)

Inductance:1.22 mH

Holding torque: 2.0N.m(

Dielectric strength: 500V A.C

Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ

Insulation class: Class B

Temperature rise: 80K (Max)

Rotor inertia:

Allowable thrust load: 60N

Allowable radial load:200N(on the shaft end)

Operation ambient temp:0°C~+50°C

Operation ambient hum: 20%~90%

Life: 5000Hours

Weight: 1.1Kg

Option- 2 Length(90mm ,108mm)

Figure dimensions(Unit)

Knowledge for closed-loop stepper motor:

1. Encoder
A device used to translate motion into electrical signals used to provide position information; often used as a position/motion feedback device in closed loop systems
2. Encoder Marker Pulse
A once-per-revolution signal that is provided by some incremental encoders to space
3. Closed Loop
A system that uses some form of feedback device to monitor the system output; the signal from the device is used to correct any errors between actual and demanded output
4. Servo System
A feedback control system for mechanical motion in which the controlled output is position or velocity; servo systems are closed loop systems
5. Step Angle
The nominal angle through which the step motor shaft rotates between adjacent step positions
6. Resolution
The smallest positioning increment that can be achieved; frequently defined as the number of steps or feedback units required for a motor’s shaft to rotate one complete revolution
7. Holding Torque (Static Torque)
The maximum restoring torque that is developed by the energized motor when the shaft is slowly rotated by external means
Optional Drivers:Model: MS-2806/MS-2806-R
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